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Most horses are now kept on relatively small areas. This forces farmers to manage intensively, including the hay meadows, because only in this way can they provide the required amount of hay at a reasonable price. However, to the detriment of the horses, because the low plant diversity of the meadows (usually earlier cow pastures with grasses that promote the milk yield) is even more aggravating. Especially since the digestive tract of the horse is not designed for easily digestible, protein-rich food. From a biological point of view, the horse is a fibre-eater and not a grain eater.

So most horses today are poorly fed. They have an increased need for minerals, and they lack phytonutrients that can only enter the body through the variety of herbs. Secondary plant substances are the substances that stabilize the immune system, protect the body from free radicals, promote digestion, activate metabolism, improve detoxification and support the epithelium of the respiratory tract. Secondary plant substances ensure internal balance. Only optimally fed horses can stay healthy and fertile in the long run, show a balanced being and perform.

In our herbal mixtures, we orientate ourselves on the natural annual rhythms within the community of animals and plants. The special interaction of plant communities also at the specific times of the year is the focus of our nutrition advice.

Based on ancient literature, plant sociological studies and the stories of old farmers and breeders, we have compiled various herbal mixtures for horses in order to compensate for the existing deficits and to improve the vitality, the inner balance and thus the quality of life of the horses.

This is the reason why I would like to introduce you to the near-natural horse feeding and to expand the understanding for the horses.


Only the best comes into the bags and cans of Pernaturam

In fact, the origin and quality of pernaturam herbs and raw materials is very often asked.

Pernaturam prefers the best raw materials of purely organic origin, which meet the high demands on quality and ecological sustainability. This also means from very specific regions, from controlled crops, game collections and processing.

They have been working with most of Pernaturam’s suppliers for many years and even decades with some.

Until the products arrive at your home, they undergo a variety of quality controls – at The Pernaturam suppliers and at Pernaturam’s home. And at Pernaturam, the individual raw materials can be traced back to the field or to the collection region. As a result, we offer you particularly high-quality and safe products and support your animal individually