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Natural herbs and food supplements

for horses, dogs & cats

Natural feed supplements for optimal care of your animal

Nature knows the way

to the inner balance

This is the basis for health, for a strong immune system, for vitality and a long life.






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Hydrolate – gentle healing with plant waters


Plants help plants. Hortulust – Products


First-class feed supplements for your horse. For a natural and high-quality care of your horse


High quality food supplements for your dog. For a natural and optimal care of your dog


Natural food supplements for your cat. For an optimal and high-quality care of your cat

The externally recognizable health or illness is always a mirror of the inner condition and the consequence of the previous care. So a disease is not a sudden accident, it always has its history. The best prevention is therefore optimal feeding – with nutrients and vital substances from nature. Plant active ingredients, about 100,000 are known, help the organism to maintain the internal balance.
Plants and their abilities for the benefit of animals are our passion and competence – and the basis of our products.

Secondary plant active ingredients help us, for example,

  • strengthen the desired intestinal flora
  • discharge undesirable substances
  • promote the work of internal organs
  • support the airways

So you can help your animals to regain or maintain the inner balance.
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